Home Facilities

To ensure the quality of fieldwork for all studies conducted by Aristo, we provide our clients with excellent market research facilities:

(1) Focus group room

Our focus group room offers a comfortable environment for respondents that are conducive for free-flowing discussions. The room can flexibly be configured to cater to different studies.

The room is equipped with an excellent large one-way viewing and supported with audio speakers and headphones that enable both local language listening and simultaneous English translation. Live remote video streaming is also available upon request.

(2) Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Centre

We have a well-equipped call center that is able to handle up to 16 lines for conducting surveys. All the lines are connected to CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing system) that records and stores the data.

Data accuracy and question flow is ensured through logic checks and skipping instructions programed into the CATI system. Quota controls are also put in place to achieve a representative sample. 

(3) Real time monitoring system for telephone interviews

On top of built-in quality controls for data entry, our team of fieldwork supervisors utilizes a system to monitor the interviewing process to promptly rectify any fieldwork issues and for coaching purposes.